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You are invited to the opening of Polaroid, Enschede an exhibition by Mark Pattenden and Kate Jackling.

Since hearing the news that Polaroid was to be no more, photographic partners Mark Pattenden and Kate Jackling travelled to the heart of film production with the intention to document the disappearance of Polaroid as we know it. Enschede, Holland was home to the only working factory outside of America and the last site to close in July last year.

This unique selection, shot entirely on Polaroid, captures the character of the employees and the magnificent machinery that make up the landscape of Polaroids factory floor.

Opening Night
Wednesday 10th June
6pm till 9pm

Fallon London
Elsley Court
20-22 Great Titchfield Street

Guests welcome...

Kate Jackling & Mark Pattenden

Kate: 07946 175212
Mark: 07525 836181


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Take as little as possible. I took 8 cameras to Japan and used 2. From your selection i would takes the 600SE and the SX 70 + one back up like the 180 as its the same film as the 600SE. Oh look we are up to 3 cameras already. Not sure if that helped you?!?!?


2009-01-29 // 18:55:23

This is also interesting..


2009-01-29 // 18:28:52

This is super interesting, you are certainly not boring.

All we need on this site is a GSOH

Thanks for coming...

2009-01-29 // 17:37:48

@ LiA

Only boring people get bored!

You do not have to join in the discussion.

Start a new one.


2009-01-29 // 17:13:11

@ Rodeo

Yes you are right, I did say dj was right. But at that time I was thinking the only reason an image would not include the borders is because the image was not a Polaroid. I have not come across many Real Polaroids that did not include the border. Then came the discussion about real Polaroids not needing a border which took the conversation somewhere else. What i dont understand is why you would leave the border out. The way I have spotted non Polaroids before is by the lack of a border.

I hope this clears things up.



2009-01-28 // 18:22:36


I never said that borders"PROVE" that a picture is a Polaroid. But that it is part of a Polaroid image.

I never stated that a borderless image equals a fake Polaroid.

I never said ALL borders are imperfect and have chemical bleeds.

I was stating that the BORDER is PART of the Polaroid and therefor should be kept with the image. Do you cut off your borders when you put them in albums?

I am in no way telling people what to do. It is just my opinion.

I dont understand why you would want to leave the border out. I dont see many of you pics without out them and they look great.

You should really read what people say properly and then comment.

Yes I can tell a Polaroid from a digital but I dont need you to upload images to test this. But thanks anyway.

2009-01-28 // 13:52:50

Someone at Polaroid has decided if they are not going to make the film then nor is anybody else, this is a selfish move. In my eye's cnutish...
I have met the people at the Polaroid Factory in Enschede and they were all amazing people, apart for the American MD

2009-01-28 // 13:17:59


Polaroid the corporation are obviously CNUTS