2010-06-24 // 11:25:05

New PX Silvershade techique (actually an old basic post processing technique in BW photography is applied on PXSS) here:

2010-02-19 // 16:18:04

Polaroid music2:

2010-02-19 // 16:14:40

Polaroid music:

2010-02-03 // 12:06:51

Keep your eyes on this project:

2009-11-25 // 16:37:51

To Carmen:
I did it. There was some pola that I missed before and well deserved the votes.

- sugarcubes -

2009-11-25 // 16:16:35

To Carmen:
You're absolutely right and I more or less know the psychology of voting because I'm one of the voters :-) And my naive question was just a little neutral wondering not a statement :-)

2009-11-25 // 10:04:50

While Impossible Project progresses well and everybody's heart beats faster - don't forget to pay attention to the other player of the polaroid remake-game:
and new photos about the reactor test/startup:

And who knows something about the 20x24 camera and studio operated by Jan Hnizdo in Prague? No web presence at all, like in the stone age...

2009-11-25 // 09:30:54

It's a very sad thing that SOTD cheating. I think a lot of people believed the SOTD is the cream of the cream photos of the day. So this cheatnig can be the reason is why I felt in some cases that the winner's quality is questionable?

... aaaand I'm sure Webmagister will ask electronic pee from every polanoider to make a dopping test :-)

2009-07-07 // 13:29:40

Dear voters, favers, commenters, pretty girls loving me! Thank You very much for your support winning SOTD today.
...and my dear purse, be prepared when choco100 will be available again :-).

2009-06-01 // 19:51:12

"Great news for those all of us missing 665"

I know this is not a competition but just for the sake of historical fidelity :
Poki (me) described this process in 2006 when this photo was SOTD: »link
(see the comments section)
The colour version is here: »link

I think the colour version of this technique is the better because there is a real gain in details - the bw version is more interesting than really useful for mimicking 665. I tried FP3000B but it was not so good beacuse FP3000B is coated on white opalesque base and finally you get the same as you would get with scanning as a paper-negative.