2008-04-10 // 13:56:42

Hi Everyone,

Eamesboy here. Some news to share.
Working on a POLAROID event here in Singapore.


This Polaroid event included a polaroid competition,
a mini showcase to display polaroid cameras,
and a polaroid's wall fill with instant pictures.

I have been working on this event about a month now!
I almost give up doing this polaroid event.
But, just last week i have receive an email someone would like to sponsor
part of the cost and prizes for the competition.
Not a lot but it enough to get the competition going.
keeping my finger cross! Will update more once the
event date is condition. :)

This is a non profit event! Doing it out of love
and to let people aware what they will miss out in a few year time!
Let just hope Ilford and Fuji will take the torch on the production
on the 600 film and Spectra films and keep polaroid camera alive. :)

Thanks for reading.

Sorry if i spell anything wrong here.

Cheers ..