2011-04-14 // 17:51:36

'Noiders Lineup is still active. Maybe that needs to be brought back up to the top.

2011-01-10 // 22:10:26

@ciarco: no.

2010-10-08 // 05:37:44

i like esther's ideas. either another retroroid project (70s or 80s this time?), or us posing as a celeb (or even another 'noider?). *nods*

2010-10-06 // 07:01:44

maybe the 'noiders lineup project needs to be given a bit of a promotional boost instead of starting a new project (and yeah; the old one should've been over TWO MONTHS AGO!).

le sigh. :(

2010-09-11 // 03:02:29

yeah, isn't it about time for new projects? the regular one should've ended a while ago (end of july! it's now mid-september), and x-project has vanished.

2010-07-19 // 22:33:35

@mikehoban ~ i thought PX600(FF) didn't have the nubs at the bottom of the pack?

and even if they did, you don't need to cut them off. just slide the pack in halfway with an already-exposed polaroid or a darkslide underneath, then get rid of the pola/dark slide and slide it in the rest of the way.

2009-11-08 // 01:42:41

@matty - i think it will be sx-70 useable without a filter. i *think*.

2009-09-07 // 02:49:50

@alex: don't know. but why not use fujifilm's fp-3000b?

2009-03-12 // 22:25:08

@nomis ~ 665 has a useable negative, as well as a positive (print). 664 has only a useable print.

2009-02-28 // 00:04:08

@esmerelda ~ a disable-right-click script won't do a thing. there are other ways to view a source page of a website and to save images off one. those who know how to get around it will do so.

disabling hotlinking will help at least some, though.

what about the idea of allowing us to select a creative commons license when we upload our photos, if we (universal) want to? those who don't want their stuff to be used outside polanoid can ignore the option; those who are okay with it can select the license they want to use (not for commercial use, no derivative works, share-alike, etc.). true, this may be ignored as well; but at least it could be an option available to polanoiders who don't mind letting others display their work elsewhere, especially those who don't have their own flickr/website/blog.

»link (if you're not familiar with it)