2020-04-06 // 22:49:48

Thanks for this time warp SotD,

Salutations and love to all the good souls reading this.

best wishes from London.

2017-01-21 // 18:50:58

Thank you for the sotd! salutations to all of you lovely people.

2016-10-31 // 14:29:37

Thank you for yesterday's sotd, I do hope Grayson is pleased too. Cheers, Steve.

2014-03-03 // 15:11:42

I've been following this project for a long time, fingers crossed it's about to get started:) please give them your support!



2013-01-28 // 16:16:10

Hallelujah! it's alive! a weekend of looking at flickr has left me sullied.

Well done webbo, nice to see you back even for the shortest of visits:)

2012-05-03 // 18:09:50

Thanks for my very unexpected time warp sotd! a shot I really like too, which is nice, cheers!

2010-11-12 // 19:11:08

Dr Kaps. »link

2010-08-31 // 14:24:48

I think webbo fell asleep with his head on the keyboard again....

It must be yesterday as I'm wearing the same underwear.

2010-05-31 // 20:57:35

Blimey... thanks again! for those indifferent to trees no more for a while from me, promise.

and thanks webbo for your kind words, (your camels are on there way;) that is how the system works?

2010-05-30 // 20:52:01

Thank you so much for my shot of the day,
cheers to you all, steve:)