2011-12-13 // 17:06:57

Hey folks only 4 copies remain (out of 100) of my last Polaroid books in the Passport to Trespass Polaroid series. You can check them out here: »link

2011-02-25 // 17:01:01

New Polaroid show up at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY - 20 Portraits shot with Artistic TZ film: »link

You can order the catalogue of the show here: »link

2011-02-16 // 21:42:44

Hey folks! It's been awhile. The newest Polaroid book from the Passport to Trespass Series is launching early next week along with the images being displayed on the Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY site. You can check out more info here:

2010-11-29 // 18:41:24

Hello folks! I just released Vol. 6 in my Polaroid series of books titled 'passport to trespass' check it out!


2010-10-21 // 03:58:02

first run with the Impossible Film

2010-10-17 // 18:47:04

Only 10 Copies of Passport to Trespass Vol. 3 to go before they are completely sold out!

You can order yours here:

Vol. 6 is in the works folks. As always check out the Polaroid wanderings:

2010-04-02 // 15:34:21

Dear Polanoid Friends,

A large body of my work is opening in a show on April 14th in NYC.
500 Polaroids in a piece titled 'Shoot the Moon'
The show will be at the historic Chelsea Hotel.
Please come by if you are in town!

more info here: »link
and here: »link

please help spread the word!

2010-01-30 // 16:12:19

More information about the Polaroid show and Symposium opening in Wales in Feb.

I'll be over there talking about my work (see: Passport to Trespass »link ) on March 6th

The Show: 'Do I have to paint you a picture?"
Feb 19 - April 3

2010-01-22 // 16:24:32

Hello folks. There is a Polaroid show in Cardiff, Wales at the end of February that I will be showing my work at. Possibly traveling out in March to participate in a one day symposium discussing the work. Take a look, there are some incredible artists involved in this show.

here is the website: »link

2009-12-16 // 16:51:37

Vol. 5 of the Polaroid Passport to Trespass series is now finished and available to order.
Check it out here: