2014-07-14 // 15:57:30

Hi everyone! I joined this community back in 2007 and I've met a lot of wonderful people and got some wonderful feedback way back when I was doing my masters in London in 2008. I've published a book of the work I did that year, if you're interested please have a look »link
It's all Polaroids of course, I hope you enjoy.
Thanks! xx

2014-07-03 // 14:52:06

Thanks guys for this Sotd! I'm down to my last pack of 669 so every shot counts! xx

2013-02-03 // 15:11:44

Hi everyone, I just finished my latest Odile book, have a look if you would, thanks! x

2012-11-08 // 16:20:28

a big thanks for all the nice words & sotd for the last shot in my last pack of chocolate film... very bittersweet! xo

2012-11-04 // 15:32:25

thanks folks for the sotd!

2012-05-29 // 16:56:08

a big thanks from me and the little one!

2012-02-11 // 13:33:42

Hi everyone, I've just published my book "Odile: Year Two in Polaroids" over at blurb. Have a peek won't you?

2012-01-20 // 23:50:38

the little fish & I thank you for the cover!

2011-02-07 // 16:09:02

Hi there all
If you have a moment please have a gander at my latest book of polaroids over at blurb

2010-03-22 // 15:03:49

Today is Odile's three month anniversary! I'm so excited her little tootsies are sotd!