2012-02-19 // 11:21:28

This is a call for mail-photo art.
From month I'm unable to shot. Please refill my mind with a charge of creativity. Send me a photo to support my spirit.
Mauro Ruscelli
Casella Postale 170
Ferrara Centro
44100 Ferrara

Thanks in advance to anyone who want to help

2006-03-29 // 09:33:24

Some new transfer, I hope that you like it.

2006-02-27 // 09:47:08

Here some tips about sx-70 manipualtion


2006-02-22 // 07:39:50

I'm selling my beautifull polaroid back for kiev 88 or (I think) hasselblad:


2006-01-23 // 14:50:16

I'm not young, I'm not a rebel, I'm not an artist, I don't hate, I have not a project because I have not to say.
I only like to use the little time that I found to take a shot.

2006-01-10 // 15:16:29

tutorial in italiano per effettuare transfer con Holga e film di tipo 88:


2006-01-10 // 15:15:26

Potete trovare qui il modello della mail da inviare a polaroid per cercare di convincere Polaroid a non sospendere completamente la produzione di film SX-70