2008-03-28 // 01:39:29

thank you thank you all for the shot of the day!!!
the funny thing about that photo is that it was taken nearly five minutes before i shot the 'tilden park' photo. and i recently re-discovered it only this morning. it must have been a magical day...

2008-02-08 // 23:31:27

RIP Polaroid:

2008-01-05 // 09:59:03

dear polanoid:
i am in nebraska.
it is very cold. there is snow on the ground.
i have 20 shots of 667.
and 40 shots of 669.
i hope to show you something good when i return.


2008-01-01 // 21:17:23

2008, the good news, so far:
1. yeah! shot of the day!
(thanks to everyone who voted and/or commented)
2. i'm going to fance in late february for about three weeks.
who would like to take polaroids with me?

2008, the bad news:

2007-12-13 // 09:56:01

thanks to everyone who voted for ms. ann in the sand.
i'm very pleased and honored!
it was a beautiful day in carmel, ca.
i'm glad everyone could share it with us.