2008-11-17 // 02:48:34

Just today I found out that David Foster Wallace died by suicide last Friday, the 12th.

He was an enormously creative and inventive writer; I respected him, loved his work and was fortunate to have met him once.

This makes me really sad.

2008-06-20 // 17:22:56

I save my spent 600 packs - they make nifty frames; just the right size.

And those opaque cards are good shutter material for your homemade pinhole cameras.

2008-05-02 // 20:20:10


thank you. I was able to find a PDF of the Polaroid Pinhole Photo Kit Users Guide with a quick search and it has pictures of the airing box. I should be able to make or modify a box that will do the trick. Thanks!

2008-05-02 // 19:23:37

Question on use of peel-apart films:

What do you folks do with the prints - after they've developed but before they're fully dry - while you're still out there shooting? I stuck some fresh ones in my bag and the finish got messed up.

I'm probably blanking on something very obvious. Do you carry a special bag? box? a pad of wax paper? A portable hair-dryer?


2008-03-07 // 15:33:36

Dear Polanoiders,

Thank you for the SOTD award and for your kind comments. It is quite an honor, especially considering all the quality work on the site. My modest OneStep is blushing.

Happy shooting, everyone!