2011-11-14 // 05:14:14

okay, friends- I just purchased my first ever pack of time zero film! Does anyone have any suggestions on its usage? I really don't want to ruin this pack!

2008-04-17 // 20:06:19

THANKS everyone who's helping me with my battery situation -all very helpful and will be put to good use.

love, caseface
(and yes you can call me caseface, i get it a lot haha)

2008-04-16 // 18:11:21

hey everyone! it's me again....

does anyone know of a reliable website to buy camera batteries? i have a 210 land cam that's just been sitting idle on my shelf. i tried buying a battery for it before, but waited a month for it before i called the company, only to tell me that they didn't have it in stock like their website said....jerks.

so if anyone knows of a reliable website that i might be able to find a battery for my poor ole 210 let me know. it takes a "polaroid battery 532 3.0v"


love casey