2021-05-12 // 13:53:49

Hi there! It's been a while...I miss the old Polanoid a lot.

Thank you for the unexpected Sotd, hope you're all doing well. Ciao!

2020-02-18 // 16:56:45

Hi folks!

today is my 40th birthday...and I just wanted to drop a line and a pair of pics here (long time no taking instant ones....it felt very nostalgic!).

I still love this place, even now that it has faded....

2018-05-24 // 10:24:24

Hi folks,

just passing by to say hello...I'm not shooting on film from a long time (sadly, too much money for my empty pocket) but this place stands always in my heart.

It's sad that these halls are so empty now....but Polanoid is where all started for me, and I'm glad to read the few of you that still belong here. I belong here too.

A presto!

2013-02-05 // 18:26:04

can't upload pictures, no error messages, the page just turns back without taking the pics in the polanoid lock....and the "awards counter" bottom of the profile page isn't working anymore (it's stuck)...help please...

2013-01-01 // 16:56:22

happy new year everyone!

2012-10-09 // 22:56:27

I agree with zveli and mike.

2012-07-31 // 09:36:52

praise for mr.orezemit.

I've been longing quite a while for the project section to run again...I mean, it's good to see the everyday pics, but this site used to be a bit more lively, and still can be.


2012-04-13 // 17:23:04

Is the actual project still "freezed"?....sic -__-

2012-03-21 // 11:45:35

my first X of the week!

thank you, 'noiders & 'noidettes!

2011-11-18 // 11:13:27

the same fake-pusher on xposed...again and again...