2013-10-04 // 23:24:13

Heartbeats again here!
'been a long time, feels good!

2012-06-18 // 14:37:31

Thanks a lot to everybody who liked the magic river.
You're making my day a few days after I turned 30. This new decade starts really well for me. Feeling older but better now thanks to you all :)

Bisous à tous.

2012-01-04 // 08:38:15

Thanks for this XotW!
I wish all polanoiders a hot and spicy new year!!

2010-07-29 // 08:32:31

My painted toenails feel really good on the front page and thank all the polanoiders who voted for them!
Spécial thank to Mademoiselle
who took one of the four pictures composing this quadriptique!

May your summer be as splendid as Mediterranée's blue!

2009-12-31 // 10:14:52

Hello hello,
Do you know what kind of remote shutter can be used with a 195?
And where could I find one?

Thanks by advance for your help.

(and yes: Santa Claus is a great guy)

2009-10-29 // 21:44:06



^ yup, that's really a great one, cecile.
has been posted a couple of times before, but still a joy to watch it again!

..such a pity unsayable.com was so unknown back then - we would have offered her a juicy bulk-discount..

^ ps/
ditto for this »link one..


2009-09-28 // 22:29:16

I'm going to NYC this wednesday and I'm wondering whether I should take my tripod. I've read here and there that NYC police had a very restricted tolerance about people taking pictures with a tripod in public places without a professional card. Have you ever been confronted to that problem? Any testimony? Advice?

Thanks by advance for your help.

2009-07-24 // 14:24:43

Impossible T-shirt is great, but why this segregation?
Why can't I have this great hertbeat logo over my tits?


2009-04-14 // 13:34:03 (private)

New scan
Work fine
Happy girl.

2009-04-06 // 13:27:17

I would like to tell the world how much I love this website, for it allowed me to meet wonderful people I would hardly have encountered otherwise.
Meet, people, meet! And shoot! It's so good to share the same passion...