2011-09-01 // 18:36:37

nice nice surprise for the XotD !!
happy to see superficielle on the cover, thanks a lot and congrats !!!
I'm glad and thank you all for your votes and favs' !

2010-03-25 // 13:34:10

yiiiiiiiiihaaa !!! thanks a lot for this sotd !!!!
nice nice surprise !

cheers !

2009-11-08 // 14:35:00

thank you all for my yesterday sotd..
a real nice (not so) morning surprise !

shoot shoot and bang bang !

cheers !

2009-03-03 // 14:11:36

thanks a lot for this sotd !!!!
polapremium here I come !!!

2009-02-25 // 10:59:41

@ Nomis......
nothing "official" for this meeting...
just ciarco79 and I were speaking about it and propose to all of you....
I'm cheking some hotels and give a list to the people interested to come !!!!


2009-02-24 // 21:16:40

Hi guys...

Ciarco79 and I were thinking about a big polameet in marseille the 1st of may week end !!
sea, sun, peolple and instant fun....
Ciarco79 is allready on his way trying to join marseille by foot and carrying a photobooth on his back ( a sort of polaroid's religious walk....yes this guy is weird!!! :) )
so let us know if you are interested...



2008-12-17 // 18:35:19

oups....wish of course !!!

2008-12-17 // 18:31:47

thanks a lot guys for this sotd.....
be sure the 10 euros will be soon spent ...
and use...well or not !!
oh...and I also sell a wonderful collection af spoilt polas....just wich and it's yours...(one=1000$...arf a gift) !

2008-10-24 // 09:50:05

hi everyone !
does someone ever heard about artistic work on polaroid from Butiker ??
it is a weird name...and I can't find anything about it !