2008-03-04 // 04:18:05

We arrived at our cabin today only to find out that the owner wanted twice the price that we were quoted. We would have stuck around to negotiate but the manager was so high on speed we decided to bow out gracefully after a brief scuffle. Having lived in Arizona for so many years, I made sure we won. Moving right along, we're delighted to be in the Mt. Whitney area, my favorite place on earth. We found a quaint motel that smells like curry. When we told the motel manager that we had a dog, she asked if he was very hairy. After a brief look at each other we could only nod an enthusiastic yes! Tomorrow, Darwin....

2008-02-23 // 04:22:56

Just as we were surrendering to the idea of having to live out of our tent for several months, we found a low-fi cabin for rent on the edge of Owen's (Dry) Lake. It might get a little dusty during dust storms but since Los Angeles is finally giving a trickle of water back (a century later) to the lower Owens River, maybe the dust won't be as bad as I remember. But if it is, we'll just have to rinse ourselves off in that sprinkler system that Los Angeles installed at the bottom of the lake. We could do dog paddles in the mud puddles. I'm sure our inflatable pink flamingos are going to love it...

2008-02-17 // 08:46:57

Please sign if you haven't already...
This petition only has 1000 signatures so far. Don't forget to sign this one too! -- Laura
Fuji Petition:

2008-02-16 // 02:41:34

I set up a photo locations map to record my travels in California. This is where I'll post photo and travel notes, and photos that don't make it to my regular photoblog. Jay in Ireland inadvertently gave me the idea when he pulled out his atlas to check out the route. Thanks Jay, for the inspiration!
To ensure there's no shortage of good coffee on the trip, we've added two French presses, and a stove top espresso machine, to our mess kit. Having been raised in California, I strongly believe that no road trip is complete without a flock of pink flamingos. Not that any practical consideration is necessary, but these flamingos also happen to double as tent sticks and the birds are removable to allow for low-profile camping as well as short flights around the campground. Since Jim purchased a tent that is large enough to park a car in, I felt it was only fair that I should have my pink flamingos. My geo map for the trip: »link

2008-02-13 // 21:50:02

#96 on the Fuji petition...

2008-02-13 // 21:33:35

This is my last weekend in Jerome... Sigh! We leave next weekend for Eastern California. I tested out my mobile broadband service and it is faster than I thought it would be. Perfect for uploading new photos and staying in touch with friends while on the road. We're following the scenic route across the Mojave Desert so that I can mine for subjects on the old Route 66 south of the National Preserve. I'm hoping the lighting will be just right as we head north on CA-395, so that I can photograph Searles, a company town. The tent purchased yesterday is too unstable for desert camping so I'm back to shopping for one that won't roll over in the wind like a tumbleweed!

2008-02-13 // 20:35:49


2008-02-04 // 05:45:42

I set up my mobile broadband service today and can't wait to try it. All that's left to do is finish packing the house and tune-up the FJ60. VAROOOM! Check 'er out: »link

2008-02-02 // 18:14:03

Has anyone found a source that sells Type 669 film in bulk, by the case?

2008-01-17 // 20:48:59

I'm moving next month (leaving the Southwest for a year or two). Before I head for my new digs in the East, I'm making a photo trip to my favorite haunts in Owens Valley, and Death Valley National Park, with my pinhole camera. I'm hoping to figure out some kind of mobile wireless/internet connection for the trip... any recommendations?