2011-12-20 // 19:14:34

My daughter is finally ready for her own Polaroid! She's getting really good with the Spectra.

2011-11-25 // 20:21:14

My Polaroids are less saturated here on Polanoid compared to most websites...I'm always struggling with color settings when saving on Photoshop, any tips would be greatly appreciated!

2011-11-04 // 07:26:37

My first solo exhibition came and went, I got to feature my Polaroids. :D Glad it went well. »link

2011-09-22 // 06:01:02

I finally got a Spectra!! :D

2011-10-19 // 04:40:35

I am so excited about the development of the new Impossible color films! Also, I'm very happy to have finally found the proper camera settings for the Blue type 100 Paul Giambarba film.

*PS* I got a few of my Polaorids into our annual juried student show (University of Texas at El Paso).

2011-01-03 // 06:49:52

I like the tones of that new Push film. I think I will order some this month. I have been reluctant to use my last double pack of 669. I wouldn't be too surprised if I save it for several more years. *I'll use it when I'm ready!* :(

I wonder how much longer until Impossible develops a more stable product. I'm poor, it's hard for me to shell out cash only to see my Polaroids shift into the ugly...

2010-09-26 // 18:46:33

***if anyone has a nd filter for sx-70 that you're not using and don't anticipate on using ever again i would love to exchange something for it...i just need to shoot my last pack of 600 and don't want to buy one just for one pack...*** thanks!

2010-09-11 // 20:06:24

I finally got another SX-70...and some TZ-Artistic...yay!

2010-01-19 // 09:31:58

I don't know if I should buy another SX-70 yet-I'm afraid it's too expensive for me right now. :( I'll be okay with my peel-aparts!

2009-12-28 // 09:41:21

I just won a pretty 250 to replace my 340. I can't wait to take some pictures with it. I hope it arrives in the mail by Friday! xo