2008-02-10 // 04:20:04

eddie on the feed.
(fake texas accent:) god bless.

ok. this is my take on the thing.
they issue this press release.
good excuse for the lay offs
stirring up people to raise awareness (and get them buying).
after all they will be licensing to some dummies in asia at the same time they keep their hands clean.

alternative b:
as jay pointed out. they are just fucking githead nerds. fuji will do a way better job. doing it right.

none of my professional friends use polas, they swear on fuji.

come on. look at film. for every film kodak discontinued lately, fuji issued the same thing. tungsten slide, ektachrome 400x. fuji gets it.

but if it was for me, looking at all this - as the french say - bobo (bourgeois bohemian) f-artist crap that took over this site (anyone remembers who playful this used to be?), i don't cry a single tear. i am so with jay. pressing flowers makes way more sense than this fucking metrosexual whining. fuck you guys. this site was so cool in the beginning. now it is desperate masturbation and you didn't even cum. yeah. you tried so hard. shitloads of the polas here were wasted on pretencious bobo crap. and now netiquette demands you to be sad.

move on and get active, or get a life. but stop your selfrighteous whining.

"Parkinson's will take care of the shaking for" you.

2008-02-09 // 23:40:28

dude, fuji is the goodyear of instant film!

2008-02-09 // 23:35:13

yeah. fuck it. i mean friedrichshafen stopped building zeppelins in those days. after they announced the discontinuation of their product in their anzeiger, all those zeppelin fans stormed the elektronetzforums with sobbing desperate posts. and now, circa 200 years later there are still zeppelins and blimps all over. mankind does not learn from history. it is pathetic.

2008-02-09 // 23:21:05

briggs, i mean you have been wearing those flowery undies for quite some time, so in a way you have been anthotyping with your buttcrack for quite some time now.

2008-02-09 // 22:59:40

volunteers? anyone? volunteers?

2008-02-09 // 22:51:48

dearest jay, you were probably the last person i thought of when i mentioned sobbing.

capitals are great, but probably we should start spelling it with ph. it looks so much more elaborated and wise.

2008-02-09 // 22:42:10

sobbing is the new watersports. dude, let's move that crap to the xposed section anyway.

2008-02-09 // 22:32:13

i might add here, that it was me that used the fart word first. and yes. i used it with a dash after the first letter. it applies more every day.

2008-02-09 // 22:22:25

i got this sticker on my screen saying "a lot of art is boring".
next to it, i got a polaroid shot.

nice pr stunt this whole thing.

2007-06-13 // 01:43:15

dude, feels like polanoid it the new american apparel site.