2021-11-13 // 01:36:30

Ah ah ah ... Almost the same things to Say...like parahanga

After almost 10 years... A sotd coming out of the blue, digging his way out of the grave!!! A walking Shot Of The Dead.
I'm still happy to belong to this community!

Should I upload again?!

2016-07-11 // 18:24:59

Any news about an other way to save pack films?
^ very soon..

..master doc is in ameriga this week, working hard to make the impossible happen once more.
stay tuned!


2016-03-02 // 11:47:59

Hello boys and girls...
New name but still the same pictures.

2016-02-29 // 23:01:26

That's a new!!!

2015-11-22 // 02:38:20

Dear friends. I'd like to thank you one more time for your support.

When happiness was the best way to produce beautifull things.

2015-11-06 // 11:00:59

Many thanks from Paris with love !

2015-11-02 // 12:32:34

Merci und danke, much love zu all the menchens d'ici ou de somewhere else!

2015-10-30 // 11:31:27

Hello polanoiders and thank you for your encouragements these past days.

Obviously Polanoid still means a lot for us.

2013-10-03 // 14:06:32

Yes, old mummies are still alive...

2012-12-14 // 18:36:59

Many thanks dear noiders...
Glad you liked these Haunted pictures.
Polanoid is such a good place to be, definitely !