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Member: jamie_rae
Located: LincolnGB
Age: 37
Birthday: Aug 08.

Likes: books, sunsets, long walks, spontaneous kisses, gross horror films, homemade leek and potato soup, all you can eat buffets, long cuddles, car booting, pulling faces

About Me:
i am a film director and i live in a brilliant little place called lincoln.

i never really enjoyed the fruits of polaroid until i saw all my friends snapping away, and i got a little jealous, so dug out my old Polaroid 636 Close-Up. now just to buy some film...

i am a self proclaimed van damme fan. dont judge me. he is the shit and you know it.

i love leek and potato soup, homemade. and buffets.
okay, im getting real excited about snapping on Pola now. im new to this game... gentle.

Nice URL's:
my website.

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