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Age: 17
Birthday: May 17.

Likes: hugs, biographies, past present future, spanish mules, things that move, webmeister, insights

About Me:
Revised on 19.12.2007 - original content saved to INFINITY guestbook.

The Project:

A picture-in-picture photo project among polanoid members. I take a picture and send it to the next participant. They take a picture that includes the one I sent them. They send the pic they took to the next member... Simple.

As you add your picture to the project you should also add yourself as a friend on the INFINITY friend list and add something you like to the INFINITY Likes list - if you wish to do so.

The Players:

1-orezemit US (posted & sent)
2-DELETED by participant US
3- bluecharlotte US (posted & sent)
4- zveliakine FR (posted & sent) ... SoTD
5-WebMeister AT (handed over)
6-doc AT (posted & sent)
7-pj.maracle US (posted & sent)
8-ksvks GR (posted & sent)
9-polkadots FR (posted & sent) ... SoTD
10-reddude945 US (posted & sent)
11-ush FR (posted & sent)
12-inkaust PL (posted & sent)
13-Chatou FR
14-Esther.Z.Schnickenacke DE
15-culleton JP (posted and sent)
16-RRRDIAZ FR (posted & sent) ... SoTD
17-morganx99 ES (lost in translation)
17.b - RRRDIAZ (posted & sent -2x-)
18-carmendevos BE (yes she did two)
19-fake_palindrome ES (see below)
20-Urizen ES (posted & sent a collaboration)
21-g. DE/LV (finally received. poor spanish mule. posted and sent)
22- Melanie_Skriabine FR ( I last! ;-)
23-Arne DE (posted and sent..over and out)
23,5 aelstn DE (got it, took it, gave it)
24-joster SE Rio DE (finally on its way again!)
25-viki_hae AT should be on its way shortly! :)
26-livi AT
28-Sander DK
29-Fab IT
31-QundL FR
32-automatik GB
33-Norah.Goldenbogen AT
34-lisaofwales GB
35-ciarco79 IT
36-drewbaker US
37-artpunk AU
38-goanimal IT
39-dier IT
40-coso IT
41-Linaki FR
42-dolphinhorse US
43-tonkatsu76 JP
44-sikost FR
45-My.Iowa US
46-wish IT
47-revivify US
48-45sping IE
49-liaeme FR
50-stan.lmrvg FR
51-jalzate US
52-mephisto19 DE
53-polagem GB
54-tomL GB
55-lucky GB
56-tuesmonamour FR
57-exithp SE
58-marthamydear FR
59-myrussiantoy FR
60-Joakim FR
61-Raoul GB
62-kino FR
63-currywurst DE
64-rodeo GB
65-LePlaisirDesYeux DE
66-Pistachio US
67-orezemit US (yeap.. what RauL said)
68-RRRDIAZ FR (yeap .. me again !!!)
69- mistercrash BE
77- themonkeyking BE
99- Rio DE
666- mathieu FR

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