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I found a one step plus in our 'to the dump pile" while working for the Auckland city mission(they help the homeless and needy) in 1998. I took a few but the results were not what I desired for the price of film at the time. It wasnt until 2001 that I realised polaroid was so far out of fashion, people had forgotten about it and were no longer stocking sx-70, with only expired surplus lying around unnoticed. I knew that soon it would be unavailable due to the new rise in digital and that this would be my last chance to really explore the medium. I quickly swooped down on every pharmacy and photoshop I could find in any vicinity I was in for one summer in our north island, I found the people very helpful in fact they were giving all expired sx-70 film away of course I can be very charming. if they didnt I would always make sure I walked away with what ever they had for only a small price for a bulk buy. so in having hundreds of films to play with I was a tad wasteful on retrospect, but I really nailed that parallax error the one step creates and turned the banal into what i love, I beautifully composed picture. that was worth to me far more than what was wasted. so no regrets really. but there is always that 'what if?'.

well I have exhibited over 50 of them from that summer, They were all copies, For some reason I cannot part with the originals. Just farr! to pleasing to my eye. Call me a fanatic yes.

At the end of last year I came across the original SX-70 Kit the tan leather with all the available assesories still boxed and in its leather case completely unused, still smells like the day it would have been bought.
Oh no ! money was no object as this was the object !

such are our desires.

Thanks Polanoid for this eye opener.
I always thought I took the best Polaroids in the world, but it was Polaroid doing all the work : )

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