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Located: CoventryGB
Age: 39
Birthday: Mar 11.

Likes: polaroid, breakdancing, learning, helping people, self-expression, freedom

About Me:
Hey guys, this is my small attempt to contribute to this great project. It's a great idea and I'm admittedly addicted.

Now for the boring part:

I am originally from Yorkshire, my parents from Hong Kong. I am studying in Coventry at the moment where my extra-curricular passion is Breakdancing. Through this passion and my current partner, I discovered Polaroid. I bought one for her birthday and we used 30 films in a week! We were hooked and I was without a camera!

I'm still a novice, and have not got onto anything original or intircately complicated in my shooting method. I am constantly inspired by all the people on Polanoid.Net, whether your image is a simple point and shoot or a manipulated masterpiece, I love seeing a snapshot of other peoples lives.

Take care and keep posting.

Fresher AKA The Solaroid Polaroid

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