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Member: PoppyCox
Located: San FranciscoUS
Age: 38
Birthday: Jan 11.

Likes: looking, butts, kitties, glue, authors, wings, to dance

About Me:
being cultivated by a pack of seamstresses, i have a way with the needle.

i am an amateur polaroid producing fool. i do it for fun and record keeping purposes. i have begun delving deeper into the delightfully meaningful world of scientifically altering instant film for artistic self articulation.

I am currently undergoing maintenance and wish that I could fully propel my vision of reality through the lenses of my magic plastic photo makers. Alas I must live in this society and the routines thrust upon me. Wishes are for fishes anyways, they slip through seas that eye see, and their lungs dry up in our survival.

sha sha sha meet me out back

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