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Member: buzsawyer53
Located: Salt Lake CityUS
Age: 70
Birthday: Oct 10.

Likes: art, airplanes, photogaphy, family and friends

About Me:
I collect Polaroid Roll Film cameras (1948 to 1965). I am only missing about four models. At one point in the 1990's I had nearly every polaroid consumer camera and accessorie available to that point. As my family grew I had to make room for them and divested all but the rollfilm cameras and accesories. I did keep a few non-rollfilm types such as my SX-70's, a couple of packfilm types, a propack 100 and a Bigshot (It was sentimental). I also kept the CU-5 but regret losing the MP-4 and the movie camera. So it goes. I'm still happy with what I have, especially my family. Be sure to look at Marty Kuhns' Land List website and watch for more pictures soon.

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