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Member: nazaret
Located: SevillaES
Age: 41
Birthday: Feb 04.

Likes: travelling, music, vintage, circus, 80's, mary blair, dabadaba, ray harryhausen, big cities, strange people

About Me:
I'm a 80's child, the best decade ever and the biggest reason because i'm an eddy of colors. I don't know if today is yesterday or tomorrow and i'm obsessed by brevity of the life.
Sometimes I am a being from the future living in the present as if already were past, but others I feel i must have been born twenty years before and enjoy 60's .
I have one idea per second; the only disadvantage is when an idea is happened to me and I'm going to do it, happens another one, and another one to me... so I need stimulation. I love art and I'm pretty sure about my conception of this. I think is very important to know the rules before breaking them. So, I don't like some 'artists' trying to sell us a black square like something special.

'Ghostbusters' was the first movie i had seen at the cinema and i remember clearly the scene at the library - maybe is the reason because i don't feel confortable in this kind of places .
I know i'm a mess and something weirdo but i'm not complicated just different and proud of this; I hate judgemental people and i love people who make me laugh. Definitely, i'm living around odd people who create strange situations becoming my life in an Almodovar's film...

By the way, I believe in Karma, Michael Jackson and i think 'Lost in translation' is overrated

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