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Member: rutabegabunny
Located: Los AngelesUS
Age: 42
Birthday: Mar 17.

Likes: music, art, books, trees, abandoned places, films, roadtrips, striped socks, the ocean, memory

About Me:
i am an archivist/librarian through training and vocation. memory is the thing. i see a lot of what i do as classification of the visual environment, an accounting of things that the eye sees but the brain (as well as time) might simply pass over out of familiarity or out of a mistaken perception of what qualifies as ugliness.

i started taking polaroids because an artist boyfriend in college took them, but my addiction to instant photographic gratification and caustic paste chemicals has taken on a life of its own. i like squares and almost-squares, first of all, and i love the way the process is inscribed on the polaroid image itself. it's just special.

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