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Located: Kansas CityUS
Age: ±54

Likes: drawing, old metal signs, metal signs, hand lettering, close ups, decaying towns, abandon places, gluebooks, visual journals, grainy photos

About Me:
My friends buy packs of cigarettes, I buy packs of Polaroid. Metal Signs, Hand Lettering, close ups, Decaying America. Abandon places and things found are the main subject of my Polaroids.

For effects Tape an old sunglass lens over the lens of the camera. Scratches and vaseline add to the effect. Shooting Early morning or late evening for the best light. The midday sun blows out the exposure on these cameras

I love to use all types of Polaroids. Land Cameras, Med format with Polaroid back to 600 film. It is the Noise and grain around the image that keeps me taking Polaroids.

I love how Polaroids must be shot with correct light and position to get the picture you want. Computers are useless. Its fast and there is no tweaking once the trigger has been pulled. What you see is what you get. Toss me an email if you know of film under 20 bucks.

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