PFIS: new level of resistance

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. SX-70 producers and SX-70 users coexisted in peace and respect. But since the end of SX-70 production was proclaimed by Polaroid, SX-70 producers and SX-70 users are on the verge of staying in constant opposition to one another. Worldwide resistance has turned up by the members of the so-called PFIS ("Polaroid Front 4 Instant Satisfaction"), so far just via the internet on polanoid. But times are changing. As we get to know from good authority first excesses formed today in the streets. Will the fight go on nonviolently? Future will show.
„Patience is exhausted – rumours are afloat about the forming of SX-70 cell groups – we fear losing power over our members“ said centecente in an interview today. He is the floater of the spam-polaroid- project „DON’T STOP SX-70!“, arranged in January 2006, one of the projects that developed to today’s PFIS. PFIS demands: "1. continuity in the production of SX-70 film, 2. free movement for our artistic needs at airports and underground, 3. we encourage our members to speak frankly about their physical and mental bizarities as we are open minded and curious by nature and 4. at least once in our PFIS lives, we take ourselves into hostage."

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2006 Feb. 28 | Berlin (DE)

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SX-70 | SX-70
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