SX-70 x 25

A re-upload of a shot I'd deleted months ago. I didn't want to be reminded of the fruitless effort I'd put into a project that ultimately wouldn't work.

For a time I was intensely passionate about getting all of these to act as one. Alas, the technical difficulties were too much to overcome. I let it sit idle for a number of months. I'd been working on a solution when the depressing news was announced. No more Time-Zero film.

I never got this array to work the way I'd wanted it to, but I did have fun trying.

Although I could never get all of the cameras to fire simultaneously I did manage to get about 10 of them in sync. What a great sound.

Uploaded again for POLAROID IS OUR PASSION.
May it never end.

Shotdate | -location:
2004 Feb. 29 | Roswell GA (US)

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SLR 690 | 600
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Spend too much money.
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Uploaded: Feb. 29, 2008
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