which is german (or austrian) for Thank You
for all

what is is, what it was, what it will lead to
and what it already let to
for what you've done
for who you are

I can't really say more
or put in words
than simply 'thank you'
and foremost,


Despite of all the moaning
'no webbo = no polanoid'
'polanoid is not polanoid anymore'
(this site has always changed. It was different before I actively joined, it was already different when I did, it changed since a couple of times. of course. we all do as well. and in a way, it still will always be the same, in the way memories are -and change-. isn't this one reason why we take polaroids? and furthermore now where we can get film again? thx to the guys who started this site, and are running it? this site lives from it's users. it's a massive archive as well. I'd feel ashamed to even think that's it, now)

so despite of all that -

I'm a tiny little big proud of you
for all what I said
for your decision.

I had thought of various ways to visually express my initial thoughts
(as this is just the way I am)
but nothing seemed more honest to me
than simply myself
imagining looking in your face
and trying to put all in my expression what I feel

and a smirk *



wir sehen uns
nicht hier
beim schnitzel

dein pünktchen

*(oh. and if you look closely, two-three of my grey beard hairs I sure got because of you ;)

butter bei die fische, g.

Shotdate | -location:
2011 June 27 | Hamburg (DE)

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Cambo Portrait 4x5 | 52 (expired)
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Uploaded: June 29, 2011
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