Shepherd's Hut, Blue Butts Farm
The shepherd's hut was made in 1870 and is part of a small collection at Dunnow in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire. Nowadays its fashionable to convert them with all mod cons and rent them out as holiday cottages. This would be anathema to the farmer who owns this and another 7 historic shepherd's huts and he will never part with them.
Afterword: This is unfortunately the last photograph I will ever take with my 1976 Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1 since I dropped it onto a stone pavement a few weeks ago and it has slowly been disintegrating before my very eyes ever since. The mirror became dislodged and the lens panel dropped out. Although I fitted it all back in at the time, the lens panel and the tray where the photograph *ejaculates seems to have parted company from the rest of the camera and its letting in light . . . so my SX-70 has gone into retirement and taken its place on my desk as yet another obsolete curiosity.
* Dr. Edwin Land on examining the film ejection mechanism on the newly launched Kodak EK6 in 1976 observed “theirs evacuates, whereas ours ejaculates”.

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2022 May 25 | Clitheroe (GB)

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POLAROID SX-70 | Impossible SX-70 B/W 2.0
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