2007-05-22 // 20:23:19
i cant get my impulse to take such nice pictures

2007-04-01 // 05:23:48
im actually from florida, i grew up there my whole life. and i haven't gotten it in the mail yet. but i have been shooting with the schools which i definitely need to post!

2007-03-28 // 04:22:04
wow, when i saw this, i thought...that looks like home! I was close...
really?! i thought it said you live in tennessee. well i guess it's all relative really, if your a giant who travels 50 miles each time he takes a step, then it's pretty close. :)

oh by the way, i'm totally a copycat now. just broke the bank gettin an old-ish hasselblad for myself. how's your's been, you gotta post some shots on DA!

2007-03-27 // 15:33:19
Amazing shot