2007-05-03 // 11:02:54
May I just say that you are a bunch of preening ELITIST PIGS who have completely taken over this site with your mutual fawning, your base voting conspiracies and your all-but incestuous self-referentialism. You people make me SICK. But in the Spanish way. (Which means that I want to shag you all. Again. Only this time I'd like to be nearer the top, please, cos Shlomo's ear flaps make me sneeze.)

2007-05-02 // 22:27:35
It's so interesting, funny and clever!

So many nice people!

2007-05-02 // 20:29:32
All you are wonderful Ladies & Gentlemen!!!!!!!

(but I can't look away from Esther's intriguing look) ^^

2007-05-02 // 19:03:56
damn it , i wish i was there. all of you look so cute and beautiful! you are the most amazing people in the polaroid-world!! i think i love you all!!! - AND BTW THIS PICTURE HAS TO BE SOTD!!!!***

2007-05-02 // 17:49:20
Actually the only thing I'm waiting for is the xposed part of your "project", I mean the pictures of the orgy I hope you all made with the costumes, or at least parts of them.

2007-05-02 // 16:16:28
I'd like a life-sized doll of me, so that I can pretend to have sex with my own clone (Would that count as incest or as masturbation? And does it depend on the presence of hip movement? Any thoughts?)

2007-05-02 // 16:12:49
oh no ...
don't start to express wishes ... oy ... that puts so much pressure on me ... oy oy oy

that means yes?

2007-05-02 // 16:12:35
actually i want a doll of every character.

2007-05-02 // 15:56:40
floppy-eared hat shlomo looks soooooo cute! i want a doll that looks like that.

2007-05-02 // 15:25:27
vote for this too!!!!
Big Fan!