2007-11-26 // 19:23:43
hey, why is your name "Swisskrissly" ?
What does it mean ?

Hello Stephanie. The reason for my name is a little bit emabarrasing!! But im an honest an forthright little monkey, so i will tell you. But you must promise not to tell anyone else, ok?
Because of all the bananas i eat, i sometimes become a bit "bunged up"?? you know (constipated) shhhh! And in my times of discomfort, i have to turn to my trusty brand of laxative "swisskrissly" (leave it all behind!) Because im a monkey trying to make my way in your human world, when i was younger and at school, the other children would tease me. A. For being the only monkey in school, and B. Because everyday before we would sit down for dinner, the teacher would give me my daily dose of "swiskrissly", you know, to keep me regular!! So, obviously the other children thought this was funny and gave me the nick name "swisskrissly" Now im an older and wiser monkey, i realise that swisskrissly is actually quite a cool name (i believe Luis Armstrong was also a fan of "swiskrissly" too!) so i have taken it as my pseudonym. I bit you wish youd never asked!!! Thanks for dropping by, and also for giving me my first ever vote! I hope we can be pola-friends. Look after yourself, George x