2009-01-02 // 07:18:04
oh i like it very much .... i hope we will see more in 2009 ... best things and happy new year ...
Thank you so so much fr your kindness and support, happy new year (yes..late!) to you too!

2008-12-22 // 17:41:16
very beautiful!
thank you..sorry for late reply, has all been busy!
Talk soon!

2008-12-22 // 12:36:53
ah. these were yours.

the scketching is beautful.... it's hard to tell much about the prints, but it's certainly a brand new and exciting way to treat a pogo.

Thanks for your feedback, glad you like it.
I love PoGo though "quality" is discussable, but I love that about it, you never know what comes out of that rrrrrrtsch-printer :-)

2008-12-12 // 03:26:38
:-D thanks!