2010-04-30 // 16:54:08
oratore's right. well done pal!

2010-04-30 // 16:30:27
urrah, the best manipolative use of this film, voted + fav

2010-04-30 // 15:01:25
Dear Photographer,

we like some of your pictures.
Do you want to join our Polaroid photo exhibition?

We are organizing an international Polaroid photo exhibition Polaroid photo exhibition scheduled for this summer.
We are interested in some of your pictures (posted online).

Exhibition web site: »link

We are looking for photographers,artist and their Polaroid pics (reproduction with white frame of 600/SX-70 or similar films - NO poladroids, NO photoshop).

We don't need the original Polaroid,we need only the file reproducing the picture (we will print it using professional quality).
If you are interested in joining our project,please propose your creative work.
You can send some previews in low resolution (maximum 20/30 polaroid images),we will also search your posted images as well.

Please visit our web site with all the infos about location and submit infos: »link
-- If you are interested,lease send us a reply message,then you will receive all the infos concerning the exhibition details.

DEADLINE for submitting your high resolution pictures (once we get the previews): 15th of may 2010.
But don't wait the 15th to send us your previews.

Please send you feedback containing you web site url (or social network link).
Our e-mail address is on our web site.

Please let us know.
best regards
the exhibition staff