2011-07-27 // 13:08:07

you logged in? you're still addicted? just a part time addict?

i understand...

i should email you... i should email lots of people...


no time for the addiction presently, but hope to start up again soon. you know how it is.
by the way, do Cornwallians use the word horse as slang for heroin?

2011-07-27 // 00:05:55


2011-03-08 // 18:24:08
And yes, I did realize it was in MA, but it is a huge state...

2011-03-08 // 18:21:25
Here I am again - your pix "I haven't seen yet."
This is #13.
I really need to get out more. Seriously.

I am trying, a little.

I do like the vignette effect this one shows. And the snow - really like the snow. (And the horse, of course. Forgive me Mr Ed.)

And then there's the house (barn/building/fort). Nicely adorned with a wreath and glow of light.

Mystery location? Unremembered?
Fess up girl.
I wanna know.


/I'll try to keep this window open - 'cause I love this world./


Yes--unexpected vignetting, right over the border of Vermont. I can't even remember a Thanks for Visiting, Come back to Vermont! sign, nor a Welcome to MA, Love from Our Governor sign, but it seems to me that this place was just an inch or two over an invisible line. I didn't even see a township sign--I only had eyes for the horse....

2011-02-17 // 23:45:45
spotted and painted horses

i will get to meet one next month
well... it is the hope anyways

we will be driving that stretch of road this May
moving to Baltimore

Oh Baltimore
ain't it hard just to live
just to live
-Nina Simone


Baltimore in May, and along I-80, no less! I didn't know~ but will be waiting now, a bit farther on--
I'll write you an e-mail--

2011-02-06 // 21:24:42
love ly

i wish i could have induced the leopard-horse to come closer!

2011-01-31 // 21:50:55
look unreal..congrats.

seems unreal, now--
awful how quickly vacations go by!
thank you~