lil'me was kung-fu-fighting

left shot: then (1978 ~ rough guess)
lil' webbo and big webbo-papa after 6 months of hardcore martial arts training.

right shot: now (pretty precise guess)
lil' webbo and big papa after 6 minutes of half-assed warm-up and stretching.

yes, I admit I was a bit more flexible back then.

yes, I admit that I skewed both pix a bit to create the (lousy, yeah I know) optical illusion of halfways equal angle between my legs.

yes, I admit that I put my foot onto his shoulder while papa was kneeling down.

yes, it hurt like hell when he stood up.

yes, my trousers ripped.

yes, I will not be able to walk without pain for the next 6 weeks,

yes, I have become a rickety old man.

yes, a very silly rickety old man.

yes, I enormously enjoy every minute of being so..

Shotdate | -location:
2008 Feb. 03 | Wien(AT)

Camera | Filmtype:
SLR 680 | 600

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kungfu, papa, pulled tendon, rickety old webbo, daffy, lil'me
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