I used to live under a vanilla sky
1986 - 2008
(featuring typical 80' style hairdo and oversized cottonknit sweater)

I exchanged an urban life for a life at the country side: sheep instead of rats and trees instead of a drainpipe landscape.
My hair grew darker (probably cause I stopped washing it with lemon juice), I still like to wear casual wear in and around the house, 3 cats have passed away and goddamned I still squeeze my eyes to slits when smiling.

The first picture was taken by my younger sister when partner was away doing his army duty. Second pic was taken by my daughter while partner was away biking.

Shotdate :
2008 Feb. 09

Camera | Filmtype:
SX-70 | SX-70 (expired)

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cat, memories
I added a little cat psychology for your enjoyment

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