(tir groupé)
from right to left:
binoculars - chandelier (stefan)
chandelier - philips vinyl record (joanna)
philips vinyl record - clown (johan)
clown - fridge (antoine)

antouane / joster / inkaust / eliza (aka stefano, pear) /

Shotdate | -location:
2008 Nov. 09 | Paris(FR)

Camera | Filmtype:
600SE | 667

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kids, picpus, riga 2.0, no face on purpose, that's it.
just to bring back a work to the project which was originally done for it. not only somebody was quicker (well, one should _first_ scan the other three and _then_ check for the missing one, but nobody wanted to hold the camera), but, also - subsequent uploads of the same member are not allowed.
so they should have been uploaded from all our own accounts. but now they are there, with comments and favs.
too late.
but if it all shall somehow make sense - this one should make it.

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