Happy birthday, Edwin!
Impressions from the first impossible shareholder meeting, held in Enschede on the 8th of May, in honor of Edwin's birthday.
(he was too busy with immediate family celebrations on the 7th)

shot by various shareholding artists

While the otha workers (please pay attention to the new company uniform!) anxiously wait for Edwin and the rest of the shareholders to arrive, so they can finally push the button (on the left) to start production, the two Webmeisters (Vienna, the chap with the wig, on the right - Enschede, the gentleman without wig, on the left) tell each otha very funny IT jokes, that all start with "a for-loop is going to the physiotherapist.."

Shotdate | -location:
2009 May 08 | Enschede(NL)

Camera | Filmtype:
One600 Classic | 600

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shot by zechn
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