2007-04-20 // 20:02:32
yeah, the dudes, so that's where they come from!
No doubt, IKEA spreads them dolls all over the place. This might be the beginning of a new Swedish empire!

2007-04-19 // 18:49:23
I really like how the flash puts emphisis on the ones in the front
That's all SX-70, I just had to focus and the camera did the rest.

2006-10-25 // 02:02:16
um, i think that one in the middle has a question.
Yeah, I kinda ignored him. The one in the front is looking for a fight!

2006-10-24 // 16:11:09
hey, they are all NUDE!!! put´em to x-posed!
This is what swedish sin looks like in 2006!

2006-10-24 // 15:20:26
you should get some more props and take this to the next level. Just to see if it would be funny or cool or whatever.
Like I didn't get enough wierd looks when I was taking this pola ;) I'll try to think of something the next time I go to Ikea.