Past Project (2010-03-25 till 2010-05-19)
 EXPLORING PX SilverShade 
In the luminous light of recent events: a project based on material rather than topic. Neither the dutch magicians who created it, nor the austrian robber barons who are selling it, have even scratched the surface of the possibilities of the new PX 100/600 Silvershade films. So please help us to explore the nature of the Silvershade. Be part of the eggziting historical task of discovering the features, the potential, the capacities, the character of this first flush of reborn Instant Film. Show us how the material reacts to light, temperature, moonphases, biorhythm.. Play with it, squeeze it out, tell us your tips and tricks, show us what is possible with Impossible's first babies. As this is serious science, please do as every serious scientist does and note as much information as possibly possible: ambient light conditions, temperature, camera settings, treatment (temperature, light exposure/shielding) during development, storage after development, time between taking the shot and scanning,...
Winning Picture:
"radius" by birdclaws
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