Past Project (2007-12-28 till 2008-01-03)
Bored with those diffuse, vague project topics that made us see the same old pictures again and again? Thankgod this sad era that has finally come to an end. The new project will guaranteedly guarantee us brandnew neverseenbefore submissions: What we wanna see this time is a classical outdoor* portrait shot (1/4 - 3/8 *) of a woman* standing on her right leg*, the left hand holding a fresh pear* next to her head, expressing happiness (the woman, not necessarily the pear). *) For detailed guidelines, the full list of mandatory prerequisites and the requirements for pictures featuring male models, please click » HERE. Please study the instructions carefully - submissions that dont meet the project requirements have abzolutely zero winning chances and will be removed from the project as soon as discovered.
Winning Picture:
"yuva happy new pear" by yuanreva
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