Past Project (2008-03-26 till 2008-04-07)
("manipola": second-person singular imperative of the italian verb "manipolare") Episodio Uno of our popular series about the endless creative potential of the unique instantly analog medium Polaroid deals with all tricks you can pull before (or during) exposure of a polashot: Double/multiple-exposure, cartridge manipulation, filters, photograms, fogging.. you name it - you dream it up, you realize it - we stand in awe and joy. Show us the cleverness of your hands and the handiness of your imagination - Manipola! * Please restrict yourself to 3 submissions max per user and pay attention to the word *before* above - no "classical SX-70 manipulations" or microwaved scratched colour injections this time, as these will be covered in Episodio Due.
Winning Picture:
"Vertigo" by birdclaws
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