Past Project (2008-04-07 till )
Interrupting our popular manipola series for the first polanoid project evah, conveived by one of our members! To borrow the golden words of ore, who came up with this most splendid project idea: "The premise is that you pick another members profile Me-pic (any one of them, not necessarily the keypic) and make a twin of it." In otha (of course mucho less good english) words: Pick your favourite Me-pic of anotha polanoid user and try to stage/imitate it as good as possible. It's up to you if you wanna (1) provide a link to the imitated Me-pic, (2) upload your Me-mic togetha with the model as a diptych (dont forget to ask the model for permission for this kindof stunt) - or (3) turn your submission into an entertaining public riddle by doing neither (1) nor (2).
Winning Picture:
" Still Breathing, me too. " by Lashes
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