Past Project (2008-05-15 till 2008-05-26)
Episodio Due of our popular series about the endless creative potential of the unique instantly analog medium Polaroid deals with all tricks you can pull *after* the pic left your camera: "classical SX-70 manipulations", cutting, scratching, heating, cooling, bleaching, staining, matting, wetting, petting ... you name it - you dream it up, you realize it - we stand in awe and joy. Show us the cleverness of your hands and the handiness of your imagination - Manipola! * Please restrict yourself to 3 submissions max per user and pay attention to the word *after* above - no "Double/multiple-exposure, cartridge manipulation, filters, photograms this time, as these were already covered in Episodio Uno.
Winning Picture:
"Torn" by emilie79
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