Past Project (2008-06-27 till 2008-07-07)
 29.06.08, 20.45  
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen After some splendid, high sophisticated, artistic experimental ZINK stuff, we are now looking for the masters of the "don't think -just shoot" generation. The new mission is easy and clean: We want you to take a picture of your surroundings at an exactly defined moment. The moment when the GRANDE FINAL of the soccer EM 2008 will be kicked off in Vienna. So please don't be surprised if some players will have their Polaroid cameras with them. Nobody can resist to join this mission. Show us where you watch or donīt watch this unique piece of sport history. Help us to collect the worlds biggest selection of Polaroids shot at exactly 29.06.2008, 20.45
Winning Picture:
"kick-off" by lucky
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