Past Project (2008-09-21 till 2008-10-04)
Thesis: We are all a little bit transsexual deep down inside. And so: Males, create a self-portrait depicting yourself as a female. Females, create a self-portrait depicting yourself as a male. Those are the guidelines. The rest is left up to your imagination, creativity, and closet neuroses. (Bonus points for those able to achieve pure androgyny.) New work only, please. Old uploads will be politely ignored. [PROJECT UPDATE - Oct.1st] Submissions no longer have to be strictly self-portraits. You may submit any portrait that touches on themes of gender ambivalence, androgyny, transsexuality, and drag queen regality. (Words and music by St.A.R.)
Winning Picture:
"you dressed me up like a boy" by myrussiantoy
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