Past Project (2009-03-21 till 2008-04-13)
astronomical definition: "time between vernal equinox (usually march 20th in the northern hemisphere) and summer solstice (usually june 21st in the northern hemisphere)" meteorological definition: similar, but starts on March 21st. polanoidic definition: "time to show us your spring handicraft works of art!" while we know that almost everybody recycles the batteries (pocket hand warmer, pocket arc welder,..) and the plastic cartridge (picture frame, spare garage door for your hamster,..), the metal spring inside the cartridge is often carelessly neglected! so let that spring jump out of your film packs and get creative - no matter if your sculpture is created from one single spring or you create a lifesized springversion of the eiffel tower, only required condition is that you shoot the result on polaroid film (not necessarily the one you were deboning)..
Winning Picture:
"spring time" by zveliakine
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